Cin7 : The Power To Do More,
Using Fewer Processes 

Inventory Management software forms the core of your business systems.
Stop doing stock management in excel.
Centralized, Cloud Inventory Management Software connects eCommerce, POS, warehouses, EDI and 3PL
together to create one complete business system.

Cut Down On Admin

Cin7 is the one cloud solution that unifies your Inventory, POS, EDI and 3PL
Cin7 is packed with features that help you manage your business effectively while saving you time for the work that actually matters. 
Some of the features are listed below, for more information visit Cin7 HQ

Accurate Inventory Management

Whether you’re in retail or wholesale, Inventory is one of your biggest expenses. Can you afford not to manage it effectively? Inventory software helps you understand cost of goods sold and stock movement. You can strategically order stock to keep up with demand without overstocking.

POS Software That Does More Than Process Orders 

Your POS is more than just a cash register. Connected with Inventory, its an essential softer that assists your sales team. From quickly entering sales orders and quotes, to handling promotions and checking stock. Cin7 POS expands the power of your front line staff so they can provide better service for your customers.

Connect Your Warehouse To Your Sales Channels

If it's difficult to check and sell warehouse stock directly, you're creating unnecessary challenges. Connecting your warehouse to your sales channels allows for faster, accurate fulfilment of orders so that your customers stay loyal.

Join the B2B eCommerce Market

Start your B2B eCommerce store quickly and easily with Cin7. Pricing, products and stock elves are linked to your inventory so they are always up to date. So your doors are open to wholesale customers 24/7.

Cin7 & Your Accounting System

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